T O D A Y is the main event !

May 1, 2014

Today is not a preparation for tomorrow.

It's not waiting for something important to happen - letting minor experiences pass by.


We all know - it’s the simple things that matter.

It’s what makes us come alive.

It’s what keeps us vivid.


Consciously observing and curiously following how everything changes,

Mindful living & working goes with that flow of the ever-changing reality.

Sometimes difficult to accept,

yet easing the waves once we grasp the simplicity of TODAY -

and really being present now - here.


We can create or cherish habits to remind us of being aware, bringing close attention to:

- sitting comfortable and dignified

- drinking water consciously

- walking down the aisle feeling your feet with every step

- working with focus

- being really interested

- being genuinely grateful and show it to another person.


May you be mindful TODAY!






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