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CxO Magazine #192


“Ons bedrijf gaat niet alleen over technologie, maar ook over persoonlijke ontwikkeling, maatschappelijke bijdragen aan scholen, communities, planeet, gezondheid en aan de vrijheid om voluit te lev...

27 Nov 2019

“It’s all about putting yourself on the line.

If you’re not willing to do that. How can you really achieve anything?”

Lorna Jane Clarkson

Any activity is a mindfulness practice if it incorporates paying attention to experiences in the present moment—but being present alon...

Optimale vitaliteit maakt het verschil tussen middelmaat en spraakmakend succes​

“Mensen willen niets liever dan energiek hun talenten benutten om optimaal bij te dragen aan een zinvol doel - en met een glimlach thuis komen. Organisaties die dit beseffen kunnen rekenen...

29 Dec 2017

"In a Distracted World, Solitude Is a Competitive Advantage", writes Mike Erwin in his recent article in Harvard Business Review.

With the benefits of technological progress within easy reach, we are grateful for all the alleviation it's bringing us. Yet, we can also be...

Many of us experience today’s world as fast changing and technology-driven.

The complexity of our supra-busy environments creates stress.

Yet, we need a new level of clarity, commitment, and vitality to navigate.​

Mindfulness reduces the risk of prolonged stress and helps...

1 Oct 2017

"SILENCE DAY - Mindful Walking on October 29, 2017" is a cooperation between 

Marjan Abadie, Institut-Mindfulness and Katharina Mullen,

MindfulWalking - 29/10/2017 @ 10am - Brussels Parc du Cinquantenaire YouTube>>

On a typical day we are walk...

1 Aug 2017

How to develop the quality of your presence and compassion

- offering vitalising leadership to your team. 


You have been in a management role with leadership responsibility for some time?

You aspire to enhance your leadership style?

Bringing more focus and resilience t...

11 May 2017

Finding inspiration from the Beguines and their leadership. The Beguines made their own rules and forged their own lifestyle. They typically stepped outside of the establishment that limited them in living their values of simplicity. Thereby they intended to escape the...

30 Apr 2017

On this World Day for Safety and Health at Work - April 28, 2017 - the ILO (International Labour Organization) 

highlighted the urgent need for vastly improved national occupational safety and health (OSH) data.  

It is estimated that over 2.3 milli...

29 Apr 2017

Leading with Spirit, Presence, and Authenticity is a 2015-volume of in the Series of the International Leadership Association 'Building Leadership Bridges'. 

This book presents the perspectives of leaders, social scientists, and educators from around the world on the to...

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8 Feb 2017

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