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11 May 2017

Finding inspiration from the Beguines and their leadership. The Beguines made their own rules and forged their own lifestyle. They typically stepped outside of the establishment that limited them in living their values of simplicity. Thereby they intended to escape the...

30 Apr 2017

On this World Day for Safety and Health at Work - April 28, 2017 - the ILO (International Labour Organization) 

highlighted the urgent need for vastly improved national occupational safety and health (OSH) data.  

It is estimated that over 2.3 milli...

29 Apr 2017

Leading with Spirit, Presence, and Authenticity is a 2015-volume of in the Series of the International Leadership Association 'Building Leadership Bridges'. 

This book presents the perspectives of leaders, social scientists, and educators from around the world on the to...

28 Apr 2017

ILA - is the International Leadership Association. It's mission of promoting a deeper understanding of leadership knowledge and practice for the greater good aims to make a difference and to contribute to he world's need for better leadership.

With members in...

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Executive Summary

We raken eraan gewend: business as usual is in een stroomversnelling gekomen die ons steeds sneller oplossingen levert die technologisch superieur zijn: beter, veiliger, goedkoper.

Voor mensen zijn snelle v...

Executive Summary

Hoe gaat u als leidinggevende om

met de snelheid van technologische

en economische ontwikkelingen,

de intensiteit van maatschappelijke

en demografische veranderingen

en de complexiteit van beslissingen

die daarmee samenhangen?

Bent u afgestemd op de energiesi...

5 Mar 2016

How are vital habits created?

… through diligent mindful practice!

Habit is dependable, taking you through.

It will sustain you whether you're inspired or not.

Habit will help you finish and accomplish.

Habit is persistence in practice.

Octavia Butler, writer

Habits & Vita...

17 Feb 2016

How to deal with spring fatigue and stress?

…  by  getting enough sleep!

Being mindful of your sleep is crucial especially for your cognitive function. 

Lack of sleep especially affects psychomotor and cognitive speed, vigilant and executive attention, working memory...

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Vitaliserende Organisatiecultuur - Het Antwoord op VUCA | #10 Vitaliserend Leiderschap.

8 Feb 2017

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