Program:  Building My Vitality

Vital People Make a Vital Organization

Caring for your personal energy levels is fundamental

Know and manage your personal 

energy bandits and energy boosters for optimum vitality.


Elaborately assimilate all vitality principles to develop effective habits.


Your example can encourage others provided that you develop your own vitality enhancing routines.


Your steady practice of vitality habits is the basis for leadership that has vitalizing effects for your team and organization. 


Absorbing and appreciating personal vitality habits is

the basis for optimum performance and for vitalizing leadership.






















This program can be conducted in parallel with the program Vitalizing Our Organization >>   


The two programs enhance each other and create the conditions that support individuals who take responsibility for optimizing their energy levels. 

This program is the decisive step for individuals who care about their own vitality ... and become attentive for the vitality of others. 


Build individual vitality habits addressing all principles

of vitality.


Individuals in or across teams,

especially persons in leadership roles.


Recognizing what is depleting your energy and what is replenishing it and designing a feasible plan to systematically enhance your level of vitality.


Group setting.


Eight 2-hour trainings with optional intermediate coaching for tailored implementation (30 minutes per person).