Contributing to Vitality


1. Thursday  September 14, 2017   6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

2. Tuesday    October 24, 2017        6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

3. Monday    November 11, 2017    6:00 PM to 7:30 PM


You shall meet other decision-makers active in organizations who want to explore the benefits of bringing mindfulness to their leadership to increase their own vitality and the resilience of their team. 


3080 Tervuren, Eikestraat 115. Right adjacent to Tervuren Arboretum.

Free parking in front of the building and on the street. 


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Leading with Clarity, Commitment and Vitality

In today’s fast changing, technology-driven world, leading requires a new level of clarity, commitment, and vitality. We all engage to successfully navigate the complexity of our supra-busy environments. Mindfulness has been shown to alleviate the effects of prolonged stress and to help achieving goals with greater serenity.

In this 1-hour presentation we share the key principles of Mindful Leadership.

You also get a glimpse of the programs on Mindful Leadership.

Detailed information on the complete program Mindful Leadership.

: http://institut-mindfulness.be/workshop/mindful-leadership/

Scientists testing the impact of mindfulness in corporate environments report significant changes for:

  • greater serenity

  • increased creativity 

  • better decision-making

  • stronger collaboration


As a participant you will experience these effects. You will also receive the news on the advances mindfulness brings about according to the evidence from. Learning from peer’s experiences and perspectives is part of the program.


​The Mindful Leadership programs are designed to supports you, e.g. in

  • developing your ability to step back from the day to day difficulties

    • switching off the autopilot mode for a change

  • improving clarity, effectiveness and decision-making

    • identifying nonproductive work patterns for yourself and in your interactions

  • enhancing the quality of your relationships at work

    • being fully connected to people and purpose.


In this 1-hour presentation we share the key principles of Mindful Leadership.

You also get a glimpse of the programs on Mindful Leadership.

Detailed information on the complete program Mindful Leadership: http://institut-mindfulness.be/workshop/mindful-leadership/

A cooperation between Katharina Mullen and Marjan Abadie.

Katharina Mullen. Certified in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Intervention See True/Pays Bas (GE/EN/NL)

Since 2011 she has been a mindfulness trainer, certified in Belgium and The Netherlands, and practicing mindfulness herself since 1994. Co-founder and president of MOMENT vzw, the Belgian Mindfulness Association which connects researchers, practitioners and trainers in the field. She combines more than thirty years of experience in organizations with a background in medicine, cultural & medical anthropology and mindfulness training. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ursakatharinamullen/


Marjan Abadie is one of the first Mindfulness certified trainers developing Leadership and Stress Management at work place across Mindfulness approaches in Belgium. She studied Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness based Cognitive Intervention at UCL. She is a member of the Board of ADM . With an MBA from Sorbonne, for over seventeen years Marjan has held responsible positions at Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, Deloitte & Touche. This experience has given her knowledge of the challenges, constraints, and difficulties inherent in management, as well as the consequences of stress for the organization. https://www.linkedin.com/in/marjan-abadie-029970/

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Kind regards

Katharina Mullen & Marjan Abadie

Katharina Mullen, BeVital.eu


Marjan Abadie, Institut-Mindfulness.be


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10 November and

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Also by Marjan Abadie & Katharina Mullen

 Dialogues ...


  • stimulate awareness about vitality management as a crucial contribution to business success

  • support leaders in developing vitalizing leadership to foster their team's performance


  • share scientific research findings to inspire informed choices about vitality habits and about creating a vitalising organisational culture

  • connect you to experts in the field of vitality management and adjacent aspects, being organized in cooperation with colleagues in the area.