Program:  Dialogue

Connecting to Create

Experiencing the value of connection fostered by dialogue as compared to divisions due to debat or discussion.


The connecting effect evolves as partners pursue the discover, learn, understand and create together regardless of and even despite of differences in viewpoints.

Therefore dialogue is the basis for co-creation and cooperation, also in self-steering teams.

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The dialogue is the cornerstone for the development of cooperation and co-creation

for innovative solutions.























Knowledge is essential for the development of organizations. Yet connecting people to stimulate their effective exchange is crucial: making sure that the value of knowledge is indeed utilised.


Developing the mind-set and pre-eminent skills to optimally use the communication tool 'dialogue': emphasizing undivided attention and intention to truly listen and connecting constructive responses.

Leaders and 'follower' cooperating for understanding and innovation.

Combining the wealth of knowledge and perspectives in your team to create new meaning and solutions together.


Team program.


Training of 1 day

with follow-up for implementation and fine-tuning 

on request.