Program:  Digital Detox

Unplugging to Re-connect 

Let your team take a break from technology: recharging mind & body for collaboration & creativity


This program stimulates teams to use technology effectively without letting their energy be zapped by it.


It is specifically designed for teams to develop measures that reduce craving of digital devices and support human interaction as the basis for innovative creations

The principle of 'human mastery' supported by technology is reinstalled to use energy wisely























Following up with the program Building my Vitality >>

teams can considerably optimize their energy levels. 

Letting digital devices take priority over direct human interaction zaps energy and direct collaboration.


Understanding the dysfunctional effects of compulsive 

use of technology and practicing ways for its beneficial use.


All who are constantly connected to digital devices and experience the urge to stay online, either individually

or as a consequence of corporate habits and rewards.


Experiencing the freedom of choice in using digital

devices: using them effectively while not losing oneself

to them.


Group setting - team-based, creating relevant collective habits and ensuring implementation.


1. Introductory workshop: 4-hour workshop creating

your own implementation guide.

2. Offsite retreat: 48 - 72 hours experiential workshop

and implementation guide to follow-up.