Program:  Energizing Your Work & Life

Respecting Rhythm to Enhance Your Energy

Managing Energy Bandits and Energy Boosters

Getting started to know and manage your personal energy. 


Familiarize yourself with the principle of rhythmical engagement and relaxation to initiate more effective vitality habits.


You create your personalized self-monitor to guide your daily energizing practices for at least 40 days: establish vitalizing habits that suit you well.


Eliminating mental fatigue and building resilience to cope with stress at work as well as at home.























This program can be your start into a systematical boost of your vitality and followed up by Building My Vitality >> 


These two programs enhance each other and create the conditions that support individuals who take responsibility for optimizing their energy levels. 

This condensed 1-day-program specifically tackles your energy bandits: accept the rhythm that supports

you in finding and engaging your energy boosters.


Discovering and understanding your own energy bandits and sources and effectively manage your physiology, mindset and practices.


Whether you are in an operational role, move between projects and teams or carry leadership responsibilities this program benefits your energy level. 


Inspiring your conscious choices and expanding your personal practices with regard to what is most energizing for you personally.


Group setting.


1 day training with 1 follow-up mentoring meeting.