"Evolution has ‘wired’ our brains for dialogue

rather than monologue.


Why then would we inflict lectures on each other?"

-- Simon Garrod & Martin Pickering


DIALOGUE on Authenticity & Leadership:  

Cultivating leadership in times of complexity and ambiguity with Alan Sloan

in English & Dutch - in cooperation with ALIVE Dialogue  23 June 2014


There will be special focus on:

  • Working with uncertainty, complexity and negativity

  • Balancing fearlessness and confidence with vulnerability and openness

  • Working with inner and outer conflicts

  • Cultivating a genuine sense of humor – going beyond cynicism and defensiveness

  • The art of listening, reflection and decision-making

  • Integrating mindfulness into the change management process







                            Alan Sloan


will join us in this journey. Alan is a founding member of  ALIA – ‘Authenic Leadership in Action’ teaching at the institute’s international programs. He has been an authorized mindfulness instructor since 1975, and has taught in Canada, the United States, England, France and New Zealand.


He has extensive experience in providing leadership coaching, organizational consultancy and facilitation services to organizations representing various sectors. In 2011, ALIA Institute released the DVD “Mindfulness and Authenticity – Foundations for Leadership with Alan Sloan”. For more see www.alansloanconsulting.ca


The workshop will be hosted by MINDaWARE Foundation in cooperation with ALIVE Authentic Leadership.ee € 150 including breakfast & lunch excl. 21% VA


Leadership can be a genuine expression of who we are, and of our desire to make a positive impact in the world.


Through cultivating openness, awareness and courage, we can face the challenges of uncertainty and change, with both vision and practicality. By consciously embodying this authenticity, we can create a powerful and enriching space for real communication and collaborative action.


When we take full responsibility for our own state of mind, heart and body, we face our fears and limitations. We can acknowledge that we are just human beings – full of potential, creativity, sanity and, sometimes, confusion. This gentle bravery can become the ground for moving forward as authentic leaders, for understanding the people we work with, and accomplishing our shared goals.



If you are in search of best practices to carry your  responsibilities for reaching targets employing a leadership style that brings out the best in yourself and others, thus co-creating an emphatic organization – this is for you.

If you are willing to share in the adventure of joint discovery through dialogue, you are warmly invited to experience a day of reflection, communication and humour.



Our goal is to strengthen our capacity for knowing when and how to act, fully appreciating the opportunities and challenges that life presents to us. We will explore three key areas of authenticity and  leadership:

1) cultivating personal sanity

2) developing a heartfelt connection to family, friends and colleagues and

3) promoting authenticity and leadership in the workplace.