Katharina Müllen is a German citizien, active in Amsterdam and Brussels offering her services in English, Dutch, German with translations to French and Italian where necesseary,

Managing Director & Co-Founder
Katharina Müllen

About Us

Active in both Belgium and The Netherlands, MINDaWARE is a not-for-profit organisation ('V.z.W.') under Belgian law that...


  • stimulates, initiates and facilitates scientific research on the impact of approaches based on mindfulness and vitality.

  • brings programs based on mindfulness and vitality into the professional world 

  • and shares scientific research findings to support informed choices for you and your organization.

Your Trainers & Coaches

Clients chose her for her creative guidance and multi-disciplinary approach. She supports them in building resonant leadership and resilient co-working.  


She has been working with organizations in difficulties and previously-thriving businesses.   Whatever happened - people made it happen: as humans we create our world, and this applies equally in to professionals in the workplace.

MINDaWARE offers comprehensive services, support and tools for holistic vitality management and mind fitness. All services are directed towards recovery, prevention, improvement.


If you have issues that need therapy or treatment we can refer you to specialized practitioners. MINDaWARE does not engage in therapeutic processes, medial or psychiatric treatment .


MINDaWARE supports individuals and teams in initiating vitality management, maintaining habit building, and offers ongoing support and prevention of relapse into dysfunctional habits.


The Trainers, Coaches, Sparring Partners MINDaWARE offers to you are all certified in one or more fields of vitality management, mindfulness-based approaches and/or business management, such as:


  • Medicine (a.o. Preventive, Convalescence, Acupuncture, Sports Medicine, Chiropractor)

  • Nutrition/ Dietetics

  • Osteopathy

  • Kinesiology

  • Anusara Yoga

  • Pilates

  • Tai Chi

  • Alpha Brain Training

  • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Training

  • Mindfulness-based Cognitive Training

  • Mindfulness-based Eating Awareness Training

  • Mindfulness-based Compassionate Living Training

  • Breathworks

  • Psychology

  • Physical Fitness Training (Technogym, Start to Run)

  • Coaching (Professional, Business, Career or Life)

  • Aikido, Aiki Extensions

  • Interpersonal Communication (Dialogue, Presentation)


Who you work with depends on your objectives, issues, preference and phase of vitality management & mindfulness; and you can alter from one to another as you progress.


Her clients know her for enhancing the human aspects of leadership and co-working in order to contribute to continuity of the business - knowing that the bottom-line depends on people investing their responsibility and creativity,


She combines more than thirty years of experience in organizations with a background in medicine, cultural & medical anthropology and mindfulness training.


After obtaining her Master's in Cultural & Medical Anthropolgy she spent the first 10 years of her career as researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Social & Preventive Medicine of the University at Leyden and as head of Preventive Medicine at the Teachers’ College Rotterdam, specialized in participative health promotion.


Thereafter, she joined the corporate world and specialized in supporting change and transformation processes to be conducted in a human dignified way.


Since 2011 she has been a mindfulness trainer, certified in Belgium and The Netherlands, and practicing mindfulness herself since 1994.


In the Netherlands she is a member of VMBN, the Dutch association of Certified Mindfulness Trainers. www.vmbn.nl


In Belgium she is a co-founder and president of MOMENT vzw, the Belgian Mindfulness Association which connects researchers, practitioners and trainers in the field.



She is also the initiator, co-founder and president of ALIVE - Dialogue vzw, an association bringing together people with leadership responsibilities in their quest for leadership for empathic organizations. www.ALIVE-belgium.org