Principles of Vitality & 
Foundations for a Vital Organisation


1  Defeating Energy Bandits & Enhancing Energy Boosters

The effects of activities on energy levels.

Recognising the early warning signals of energy bandits and curbing them.

Identifying energy boosters and enhancing them to replenish and restore consistently.  

2  Focus & Attention – Banishing Multi-Tasking

The benefits of alternating intense performance and recovery: the 90’ – 15’ rule.

Creating focus and flow - increasing energy reserves.

Reducing the energy-depleting effects of uninterrupted effort/ exertion.


3  Choosing Effective Habits:  Stop Being Steered by Automatic Routines

The benefits of wholesome habits and the pitfalls of running on autopilot.

How habits make us or break us; how to evaluate the energy balance of habits and routines.

How to choose habits instead of habits steering us: change existing habits and create new ones to serve your vitality and performance.


4  Physical Foundation:  Nourishing the Body Instead of Exhausting it

The physical aspects of energy and the body’s need to function well.

Investing in your physical well-being by making small improvements in rhythm.

Listening to the physical needs of nourishment, recovery, refinement and challenge.


5  Mental Foundation:  Keeping the Mind on Task Rather Than Diluting Concentration

The mental aspects of energy and the body-mind interaction to feel & perform well.

Using mental capacities to become actively calm and to professionally express your talents.

Understanding the restless mind and intentionally bringing it back on task for optimal outputs.


6  Emotional Foundation:  Emotional Pointers to Avoid Mood Swings

The emotional aspects of energy and emotional intelligence as catalyst for performance.

Using emotional competence to connect to others and benefit from variety.

Appreciating emotions as valuable pointers and avoiding energy-draining mood swings.


7  Interactional Foundation:  Dialogue for Sustainable Communication

The interpersonal aspects of energy and how social intelligence fosters connection.

Using dialogue as the nourishing form of communication to benefit from diversity in teams.

Building mutual recognition, respect and challenge to inspire cooperation & co-creation.

8  Cultural Foundation:  Aligning Values and Actions

The way meaningful values, beliefs and actions influence energy levels.

Aligning business values and personal values to protect identity and experience authenticity.

Harmonising the values of competition and empathy to guarantee an economical advantage.

9  Leadership Foundation:  Fostering Growth and Flourishing

The role of leadership in combining support and challenge for optimum energy experience.

How leadership stimulates teams for peak performance and facilitates an organisation’s competitive edge.

How leaders and followers share responsibility for nourishing and developing people’s talents.

10  Organisational Foundation:  Culture, Structure and Change

The role of the organisation in creating a culture and structure for optimal energy flow.

How to succeed in creating rules that enhance solution focus instead of losing momentum in

bureaucratic regulations and internal politics, yet addressing external competitiveness.  

Ensuring employability by stimulating education, change and courage for innovation.


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