Mindfulness Training For You and Your Team


Mind-Fitness Training to Increase Team Innovation

and Enhance Inspired Collaboration


This mind fitness training program focuses on Emotional Intelligence and creativity to increase innovation by a team and to enhance collaboration - especially in technical teams.


Inspired by a concept made familiar by Google in 2007, in cooperation with Daniel Goleman. Google, one of the world's leading innovators, realized the effectiveness of mindfulness on innovation and team collaboration and has developed their "Search Inside Yourself" program currently taught to their employees and elsewhere.


MIND the GAP is tailored to the demands of individual professionals and teams who need to produce constant innovative output.  


It is designed to help you and your team members develop simple strategies to ...

  • free mental and physical energy to tap into your creative reservoir and find innovative solutions

  • significantly calm the mind and keep it on task

  • get back on track easily and improve focus

  • identify, assess & allow creative flow

  • harness emotions to fit the task at hand

  • facilitate cognative activites:  thinking & problem solving

  • regulate emotions in themselves and in others

  • process complex material, including information of an emotional nature

  • relate emotional processing to a wider context

Results you can expect.  Increase your ability to ...

  • relax the mind to allow innovative thoughts to emerge with ease

  • avoid distractions during creative waves and stay on task

  • be receptive to others and open to their input

  • enhance listening skills for mutual understanding and fruitful cooperation.

  • connect to others empathetically and become truly cooperative

  • enjoy co-working and co-creating

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  Program Format

8 Weekly Sessions
Each session is 2 hours 

Small group size:   +/- 10 participants

or larger groups with 2 trainers


Session Times:   Custom scheduling for your group


Languages:   English
Explanation in Dutch, German and French
available when needed.

  What is included?

  • MP3 Audio recordings of the sessions for your practice at home or elsewhere

  • Email reminders and tips for daily practice

  • Coaching on request

  • Lots of practical tips

  • Audio files for practice at home

  • Chang-Men Tan's book:  Search inside yourself -  The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success 

  Training Resources:


  • Additional coaching to implement insights in daily work

  • Follow-up sessions to consolidate and deepen mindful communication and productive work relationships/ team management 

  Optional:


  Investment:   please enquire

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