Mindfulness Training For You and Your Team

Focus - Attention - Concentration Training

Boost productivity, Increase Creativity


This mind fitness training program is tailored to the needs of busy professionals and managers - emphasis on the word busy - who find themselves running on overdrive, restless, and burned out and coming home exhausted.      It is designed to help you...

manage your ambition
narrow your focus
manage your attention
optimize your performance

productively use your time to avoid burn out
increase your job satisfaction

Increase your competitiveness

go home without being exhausted

In this program, you learn 5 mindfulness exercises which can be practiced between 1-100 minutes wherever you are, and can anchor your new mindful habits within 100 days.


We don't add to your list of tasks -- we offer sensible tips to integrate this practice into your daily activities.

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  Program Format

8 Weekly Sessions
Each session is 2+ hours 


Session Times:   Custom scheduling for your group


Languages:   English
Explaination in Dutch, German and French
available when needed.

  What is included?

  • MP3 Audio recordings of the sessions for your practice at home or elsewhere

  • Mark Williams' book:  Mindfulness - Finding Peace in a frantic world

  • Ongoing, daily Email reminders and tips

  • Coaching on request

  • Complimentary tea

  • Lots of practical tips

  Investment:   please enquire

Includes all resources for your personal training: audio files, book and reminders, plus intermediate, individual attention & support.

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