Vitality Training For You and Your Team

Vitalizing Our Organization

Engage your team's energy, motivation and talent, build resiliance and job satisfaction and foster

committed, productive contributions.

You can only grow a green forest with green trees.


For an organization to

perform at its best, 

it needs people feeling

and performing at their best.

This program is available for individuals as well:

please see individual version My Win-Vitality® Plan



This program focuses on enabling the people in your team to engage their energy, motivation and talent and to make commited contributions more productively.


It offers support and tools to team member on how to become more resilient and energetic as they seek out and enjoy the satisfactions offered by their work.


Our Vital Enterprise® is a systematic and participative approach for enhancing productivity and resilience. You and your people don’t have to come home from work exhausted or become sick before taking action to become better.

In this program, you learn to...

  • reduce energy loss

  • optimize the utilization of energy sources

  • grow without exhaustion

  • eliminate distraction

  • discover restrictions of performance

  • detect the early warning signals of low team morale

  • evolve from good to better

  • free energy for what matters most

  • stimulate the use of all resources – physical, mental, emotional

  • boost vitality and achieve best performance for everyone to enjoy.

  Program Format

Training and coaching program starting with a 1-day Kick-Off workshop.

The initial day-long workshop introduces the concept of vitalizing your organizaton and vitalizing leadership.

The subsequent training program addresses the needs and priorities as established during the kick-off workshop.

The group training is supplemented with individual coaching to support each participant's specific implementation in one's daily practice and responsibilities.


The training and coaching are based on clarity about:

  • goals of your organization and your team 

  • scan of the actual situation

  • definition of your priorities

  • interventions chosen together.


Interventions address six aspects of improvement:


  1. enhance what works well and increase these practices

  2. reduce what adds little to free energy for what matters most

  3. eliminate what is dysfunctional

  4. add new proven practices

  5. maintain and consolidate new habits

  6. evaluate and update as insight progresses.



  Program Logistics


The program can be scheduled according to your agenda: per month at least 1 training session followed up  by individual coaching within a week after the training.



At your premisses or at a location of your choice,



Participants receive a questionnaire in advance to help them prepare and optimally harvest benefits from the kick-off workshop.

  Investment:  

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Vital Enterprise - Program Approach
Vital Enterprise - Program Approach

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Vital Enterprise - Program Approach
Vital Enterprise - Program Approach

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