Vitality & Mindfulness Training a hype?  
40 years of steadily-growing evidence from research says 'No' 

CEO’s, successful professionals and   leaders  round  the globe are embracing vitality and mindfulness practice to inspire the    best    performance   from themselves and from their staff.

Beat Burnout

Reduce Stress & Illness  

Enjoy Your Career Again 

Optimize Energy


 & Productivity

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"Mindfulness: how innovative & beautiful would it be – and great to lower costs for treating illness and sick leave.  1 hour of mindfulness per week at school?"

--Wouter Torfs


"Mindfulness helped me in a very difficult period of my life.”

-- Ivo Mechels


"Our mind is full–our soul feels empty”

-- Mark Van de Voorde

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Discovering mindfulness with Katharina has struck me with amazement as to how my mind is more clear. Negative impulses were causing a lot of pressure on my professional life. Stress is now something I can see coming, understanding my early warning signals – it cannot overwhelm me anymore.”

Pieter Tilkens
Business Unit Director
Life Sciences

A monthly habit builder
for a mindful lifestyle.

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The Vitalizer



Biologically, the effect of the vitality and mindfulness training is a growth in relevant brain tissue and a strengthening of the immune system. This enables our body & mind to:

  • respond more wisely and less impulsively

  • bear stress in a more composed way

  • be emotionally more intelligent 

  • stay calm in the midst of confusion & irritation

  • rely more on our innate healing potential

  • sustain our holistic vitality.


Evidence for the effectiveness of mindfulness and vitality managment has been delivered through a growing body of scientific research.        More about MINDaWARE >>

Our Mission

​​The mission of MINDaWARE is to enhance resilient & joyful co-working and resonant leadership for empathic organizations.


Therefore, MINDaWARE brings evidence-based practices into the professional world which are meant to calm the mind & the body: they have mind-shaping influences and enhance the effectiveness of our immune system.


To support informed choices MINDaWARE also stimulates, initiates and facilitates scientific research on the impact of approaches based on mindfulness and vitality. 

Current Talk on
Vitality and Mindfulness

World Ecomnomic Forum:   Sumantra Ghoshal argues that the "Smell of the Place" shapes how actors behave in a corporation:

A monthly habit builder
for a mindful lifestyle.

The Vitalizer

This is a monthly interactive group-session for enhancing vital behavior.

Helping you to maintain vitalizing and mindful habits and learn new ones.


Open to all who have taken mindfulness training, with MINDaWARE or elsewhere.

Sign up for one session at a time, or by annual subscription.


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