Mindfulness Training For The Individual Professional

Calm - Connect - Create

Reduce stress through mindfulness exercises


This program introduces you to the principles of mindfulness exercises for your daily life.  It is designed to help you...

Calm the mind

Reduce fatigue

Increase your productivity

Increase your energy

Fully experience your day

Help you connect with others, without conflict

Help others want to cooperate with you

In this program, you learn to...

  • observe your thoughts, feelings and sensations and become comfortable with them

  • understand your conditioning

  • identify habits that do not serve you and replace them with new, effective habits

  • observe how you sabotage happiness

  • learn to feel at ease and in peace with what is and how you are

  • train your attention to be in control of your mind, rather than your mind ruminating & controlling you

  • stop just going through the motions

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  Program Format

8 Sessions              once a week

Each session          2 hours 
Individual               OR: create your own group

                                up to 6 participants


Session Times:      fitting your personal agenda


Languages:            choice of English, Dutch, German

  What is included?

  • MP3 Audio recordings of the sessions for your practice at home or elsewhere

  • Mark Williams' book:  Mindfulness - Finding Peace in a frantic world

  • Ongoing Email reminders and tips

  • Coaching on request

  • Complimentary tea

  • Lots of practical tips

  Investment:  


Individual:  € 995  (excl VAT), all in



or create your own group with colleagues or friends:


2 persons: € 795 per person  (excl VAT), all in


3 persons: € 675 per person   (excl VAT), all in


4-6 persons:  € 555 per person  (excl VAT), all in


No randomly selected groups in open subscription.

Includes all resources for your personal training: audio files, book and reminders, plus intermediate, individual attention & support.

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