Training For The Individual Professional

Professional Career Excellerator

Audit your market value and update your strategies to find the perfect professional opportunites for you and your career satisfation.


Regularly changing work situations demand that professionals constantly evaluate themselves: It is essential to stay or become aware of new challenges and find the gem in a new situation.Your 6 market values are crucial in finding assignements that really fit your present demands and for convincing relevant clients, prospects and markets of how you benefit them. Professional Career Excellerator guides you to be cutting-edge.


This program contributes to your competence and accomplishment; it guides you to be cutting edge.  You work with a specialized coach to evaluate your qualities and to integrate personal and professional ambitions.  Consisting of 4 modules, this program helps you...

Develop professional networking skills

Evaluate your market value from 6 aspects

Successfully communicate one-to-one

Successfully present to groups

Stay balanced in times of change and challenge

In this program, you learn to...

  • Find, see and start new opportunities in a self-conscious and purposeful manner

  • Develop and deepen your personal and professional understanding, your balance and your confidence

  • Learn to convince relevant clients, prospect and markets of how you benefit them

  • Pick up concrete tools and guidelines to find new business opportunities, assignments or jobs with the clients you choose

  • Develop goal-oriented, effective networking skills

  • Competently influence your added value?

  • Become substantially convincing

  • Effectively manage your energy and vitality

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  Program Format

2 Sessions - over 2-week period

Each session is 4+ hours 


+ 8 hours of coaching
+ optional phone support
+ optional follow-up after 3 months



  • Or: create your own groups with colleagues or friends, group size: up to 6 people

  • Also available: Personal follow-up until your reach your pre-determined goals (ask for conditions)


Session Times:   Fitting your personal agenda


Languages:   Choice of English, Dutch, German.

  Investment

Individual:  € 995  (excl VAT), all in

or create your own group with colleagues or friends:

2 persons: € 795 per person  (excl VAT), all in

3 persons: € 675 per person   (excl VAT), all in

4-6 persons:  € 555 per person  (excl VAT), all in

No randomly selected groups in open subscription.

Includes all resources for your personal training: audio files, book and reminders, plus intermediate, individual attention & support.

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