Vitality & Mindfulness Training For The Individual Professional

Energizing Your Work & Life

Eliminate physical & mental fatigue and build resiliance

to cope with stress at work.


Fatigue is an unsolicited state of awareness that obstructs optimum performance and enjoyment. It can be both physical and mental.


Being exhausted, listless or irritated are signs of our body and mind that are prompting us of the dysfunctional consequences of our professional or personal choices. We can escape the negative consequences of fatigue and stay energetic through systematic recovery.


This program addresses understanding the process of exhaustion, how to recover fast and how to boost your energy.


Designed to inspire your conscious choices and to expand your personal practices with regard to what is most energizing for you this program offers you...

How to recognize exhaustion at an early stage 

How to manage work & life  for optimum energy levels

How to boost your energy

How to avoid relapsing in depleting habits

How to ensure systematic recovery

Program Approach...

The approach chosen is very practical, resulting in a personalized self-monitor to guide your daily energizing practices. Your concrete scheme is based on fully understanding your own energy bandits and sources.


The following three steps structure the path:


  1. Understanding fatigue in yourself and others
    Your own experience in dealing with fatigue; Warning signals: symptoms and main causes of fatigue
    What to do immediately; 
    Energy bandits & exhaustion – how do they affect your quality of life?

  2. Recognizing and dealing with fatigue 
    Coping with energy bandits: aspects;
    Quick fixes: simple changes that make a huge difference Energy Boosters – leaning towards the opposite.

  3. Creating new habits to energize yourself and others; 
    Principles of energetic living; Understanding and utilizing your energy sources or points of attention;



How to manage your physiology, mindset and practices;

Encouragement for daily implementation – creating a 40-day reminder.

Alongside the whole program you personalize a 40-day reminder to support you in building effective habits. This tangible device effectively accompanies the transition of any ineffective habits to effective ones.


Continued Support...

The phase of implementation and consolidation can be supported by coaching to ensure that the newly acquired insights and practices are made to stick. Coaching by phone is also an option.

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  Program Format


8 Sessions             



Each session





Session Times:       





5 weekly sessions

followed by 3 monthly sessions


2 hours

OR: create your own group

up to 6participants


Fitting your personal agenda


Choice of English, Dutch, German

No randomly selected groups in open subscription.

In-house program can be adapted to your needs.

  What is included?

  • MP3 Audio recordings of the sessions for your practice at home or elsewhere

  • Study book

  • Ongoing Email reminders and tips

  • Coaching on request

  • Complimentary tea

  • Lots of practical tips

  Investment

Individual:  € 995  (excl VAT), all in


or create your own group with colleagues or friends:

2 persons: € 795 per person  (excl VAT), all in

3 persons: € 675 per person   (excl VAT), all in

4-6 persons:  € 555 per person  (excl VAT), all in


Includes all resources for your personal training: audio files, book and reminders, plus intermediate, individual attention & support.

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