Vitality & Mindfulness Training Programs

For Individual Professionals

For the Individual Professional

Reclaim a fulfilling work life without depleting 
personal resources, beat burn out, reduce stress, reclaim your edge and go home in a cheerful mood.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Burn out

Reduced Focus


Lack of concentration

Work-related stress

Work/Life imbalance

Problems at home

Fatigue / reduced energy

Are you starting to lose self-confidence; do you lose intense focus in crucial interactions?

Programs for individual professionals address

these issues and help you return to your former,

vital, enthusiastic self.


Some programs are held on a weekly basis and last from 2-4 hours each; others are intensive 1-day workshops (8 hours). 


These programs are scheduled to fit your personal agenda.

You can also create your own small group with colleagues or friends up to 6 participants.



  My Win-Vitality® Plan    more >>

Boost your vitality and support your personal growth and professional well-being -- especially useful for people in leadership, high-stress and/or high resposibility roles.    


  Calm - Connect - Create    more >>

An introduction to mindfulness, this program helps you

find peace in a frantic world.    


  Focus - Attention - Concentration Training  more >>

Mindfulness training tailored to the needs of busy

managers and professionals, this program optimizes key performance factos and job satisfaction.    


  Professional Career Excellerator   more >>

Auditing your market value and updating your strategies,

this program help you create professional opportunites

that fir you personally.    


  Energizing Your Work & Life   more >>

Build more resilience so to constantly deliver on your promises, this program liberates yo from fatigue and energizes you and those around you. 


   Authentic Alignment   more >> 

Integrate your authenticity and professionalism, this

program help you find your feet in a hectic business world.


  The Confident Speaker more >> 

Convincing effectively in speech and behavior, this program helps you influence others by enhancing your clarity, your presence, your dynamics and balance. It train six specific qualities and competencies you can employ to get the consent of another person or group. Especially relevant in situations where you meet resistance, like negotiations with a client or employee, in a legal dispute, in a medical decision-making process, or any change process that involves another person or group. 


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Tasters are regularly-scheduled events where you can learn more, meet the instructor & ask quesitons.