Vitality Training & Coaching for Individuals in Teams

Building My Vitality

Boost vitality and well-being during times of high stress & increased responsibility; great for leaders.

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This program offers a personalized approach to boost your vitality and support your personal and professional well-being. Especially when you are in a leadership role or a decidedly-specialized expert role which carries high responsibilities, you depend on your own vitality and your ability to energize your team in order to create sustainable and consistent success.


This program focuses on tools and support to consciously build your own holistic vitality - body & mind.  Your vitality is paramount before you can offer your energy to others.


This program addresses recovery and offers a systematic method to emerge stronger than before. Not only finding your feet but reclaiming your passion - professionally and personally. 


Life does not get easier. We get stronger and more resilient.

Yet, getting stronger and more resilient comes from action –

it does not happen by itself.


Those of us who have experienced a major business calamity, a personal turning point or another crisis know that regaining our reigns takes time. 

Yet, implementing evidence-based approaches and tools accelerates this process sustainably, just as best practices enhance business processes.  Therefore, let's take a professional path to recovery and flourishing.

In this program, you learn to...

  • observe your thoughts, feelings and sensations and become comfortable with them

  • identify your energy boosters and bandits

  • manage them for more vitality

  • detect your specific early-warning signals of depleting yourself

  • free energy for what matters most

  • stimulate the use of all resources – physical, mental, emotional

  • boost vitality and achieve best performance for everyone to enjoy

  • work well & grow well ... and have fun.

  Program Format

The program consists of 8 modules (listed below) and shall be tailored to your needs and agenda. The amount of attention you put into each seperate module depends on an evaluation of your present situation, your goals and your requirements. Also, other interventions you might already have chosen can be integrated to create synergy and enhancement.


1. clarity about your vitality goals & scan, introduction of the program, defining of priorities.

​Followed by Interventions to...

2. enhance what works well and increase these practices

3. reduce what contributes little - to free energy for what matters most

4. eliminate what is dysfunctional

5. add new practices

6. consolidate new habits

7. maintain and evaluate new habits

8. update new habits and upgrade as insight progresses


Prior to the program we meet in person to understand your needs, motivation and commitment.  In order for you to succeed at this, to build your confidence and regain your edge, It is paramount that you implement what we co-create on a systematic basis. 


Please contact us for this dialogue by calling managing director, Katharina Müllen directly, or send an email to

Individual Coaching Program

Once a week

6-8 Sessions, depending upon your objectives.

Each session approximately 2,5 hours.

Session Times:   To be agreed upon.  Can be during office hours, or before / after, as necessary and suitable for you.


Languages:   Choice of English, Dutch, German.

  What is included?

  • Face-to-face coaching sessions

  • Ongoing Email reminders and tips

  • Lots of practical advice

  • Exercises for use in between sessions

  • Phone support in between sessions

  • MP3 Audio recordings of the sessions for your practice at home or elsewhere

  Investment:   please enquire

Includes all resources for your personal training: audio files, book and reminders, plus intermediate, individual attention & support.

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Program Approach - Click to enlarge

My Vitality Plan - Program approach
My Vitality Plan - Program approach

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My Vitality Plan - Program approach
My Vitality Plan - Program approach

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