Contributing to Vitality

Leading with Clarity, Commitment and Vitality

Many of us experience today’s world as fast changing and technology-driven.

The complexity of our supra-busy environments creates stress.

Yet, we need a new level of clarity, commitment, and vitality to navigate.

Mindfulness reduces the risk of prolonged stress and helps to achieve goals with greater serenity.

Our Mindful Leadership Programs create focused, sensitive and engaged leaders. Learn to respond to your challenges with more resilience. Increase your ability to vitalize your team and colleagues.

Typically offered as in-company program, you can now also register for open groups with peers from various organisations. We offer three possibilities:

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Key Principles of

Mindful Leadership &

Exchange with Peers


2-hours of presentation combined with dialog with peers: you get a glimpse of how mindful leadership leads to more vitality & resilience.


- key principles of

  Mindful Leadership

- peer perspectives

- tasting the practice.



12:00 PM to 02:00 PM

Monday    November 20


We offer the opportunity for FREE.

Practicing Mindfulness for Vitality & Leadership


Developing your ability to step back from your day-to-day challenges.

Recognizing the moments when performing in an automatic mode is functional and when it is dysfunctional.

Improving the quality of interaction  and decision-making.


- personal Focus & Clarity

  through mindfulness  


- finding commitment

  for regular practice

- Lunch & mindful eating


Join the Residential program to deepen the insights and practices you obtain during this 1-Day workshop.


9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Friday     October 28

Monday  November 28

Investment € 590 plus VAT

Max. 10 participants

2 facilitators

Deepening Practice and Insight through 

Dialogue & Silence


Identify nonproductive 

patterns of yourself and in your interactions with others (hierarchy or team).

Obtain clarity for .

transforming your specific non-productive patterns at work and at home.

Enhance the quality of your relationships at work by being fully connected to reality and able to clearly distinguish when the mind creates illusion.

If you are not yet familiar with mindfulness practice, the 1-Day Workshop is necessary before engaging in the Residential program.


Implementing the exercises of the workshop are a prerequisite for participation in the residential program.


- collective approach to


- emotionally intelligent

- stronger connections

- effective decision-


- collective practice of

  silence and dialogue

- mindful eating & moving.


All Day on 

Friday & Saturday

15 & 16 December 2017

Investment € 980 plus VAT

Max. 10 participants

2 facilitators


You aspire to develop a vitalizing leadership style?

You have been in a management role with leadership responsibility for some time? 

You care to bring more focus and resilience to your thinking and acting ?

You desire to reduce the stress your role can imply?

Then this program is for you!


You will increase your own vitality and the resilience of your team:

•  Develop your focus, memory and creativity
•  Become more sensitive - yet emotionally less reactive

•  Inspire and develop talents 

•  Maintain a positive mindset in your teams.

​Meet like-minded executives exploring the benefits of bringing mindfulness to leadership.



Brussels. Address communicated upon registration.

Leading with Clarity, Commitment and Vitality

In today’s fast changing, technology-driven world, leading requires a new level of clarity, commitment, and vitality. We all strive to successfully navigate the complexity of our supra-busy environments. 

Mindfulness has been shown to alleviate the effects of prolonged stress and to help achieving goals with greater serenity. In testing the impact of mindfulness in corporate environments scientists report significant changes for:

•  greater serenity

•  increased creativity 

•  better decision-making

•  stronger collaboration


Participating in our Mindful Leadership program, you will experience these effects.

You will gain access to the scientific evidence on effects of mindfulness.

You share in peer experiences and perspectives inspiring implementation in daily life at work.


Our Mindful Leadership programs support you in

•  developing your ability to step back from the day to day difficulties:

                        switching off the autopilot mode for a change

•  improving clarity, effectiveness and decision-making:

                       identifying nonproductive work patterns for yourself and in your interactions

•  enhancing the quality of your relationships at work:

                       being fully connected to people and purpose.

You will work with Katharina Mullen and Marjan Abadie.

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Katharina Mullen combines more than thirty years of experience in organizations with a background in medicine, cultural & medical anthropology and mindfulness training. Certified in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Intervention See True/Pays Bas (GE/EN/NL) since 2011, she has been a mindfulness trainer in Belgium and The Netherlands, and practicing mindfulness herself since 1994. Co-founder and president of MOMENT vzw, the Belgian Mindfulness Association which connects researchers, practitioners and trainers in the field.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/ursakatharinamullen/


Marjan Abadie is a certified Mindfulness trainer. She studied Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness based Cognitive Intervention at UCL. She is a member of the Board of ADM. With an MBA from Sorbonne, for over seventeen years Marjan has held responsible positions at Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, Deloitte & Touche. This experience has given her knowledge of the challenges, constraints, and difficulties inherent in management, as well as the consequences of stress for the organization. https://www.linkedin.com/in/marjan-abadie-029970/


Katharina Mullen & Marjan Abadie

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Marjan Abadie, Institut-Mindfulness.be


Katharina Mullen, BeVital.eu


+32 484 493 371

Interested in IN-COMPANY 'Mindful Leadership  - Contributing to Vitality' ?


Available in

English French Dutch German

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