Program:  The Monthly Vitalizer

Refresh and Enhance Vital Habits Regularly

A Regular habit builder for a vital lifestyle and workstyle


Maintaining effective habits demands consistent attention and refreshing

Tension can jeopardise good intentions. 


Each Vitalizer addresses a specific theme to deepen your vitality habits and inspire your motivation for recovering and replenishing your energy.

The principles of vital habits is their continuous application and improvement. 





















This program is strongly recommended to keep you on track

finding new encouragement regularly. 



This program deepens your practice and strengthens your discipline to build vital habitis.


Refresher and habit builder.



All who have participated in a vitality program with BeVital or elsewhere.


Keeping you motivated to implement your intentions for a vital life style and work style.

Update your knowledge and practices with relevant scientific insights.


Group setting.


2 hours per session.

Monthly basis or by annual subscription.