Vitality Habits and Training in the News

Peter Deng  --  Founder of Instagram

Applied Mindfulness:  3 Ways to insert Mindfulness into Your Busy Life


From the 2014 Wisdom Conference


 18 mins

Who is Practicing & Endorsing
Vitality & Mindfulness Training?


Nerio Allesandri --  CEO, Technogym

Health is wealth, says president and founder of Italian equipment company Technogym. read more >> 


Mark Bertolini --  CEO, Aetna
Brought meditation and yoga to Aetna after they helped him recover from a serious skiing accident
. 


Larry Brilliant --  Former CEO, Google

Advocating mindfulness practice and the importance of mental calm and composure in addressing students in this 2013 Harvard School Commencement Address.    


Ray Dalio --  Bridgewater Assoc. Hedge Fund
Says mindfulness has given him centeredness and creativity, peace and health.   

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Bill Ford --  Chariman, Ford Motor Co.
Uses wisdom purposefully in business and is a big proponent of meditation in the business world.  


Bill George --  Boardmember Exxon Mobil & Goldman Sachs
Pursues mindfulness to achieve clarity and health. He says it has been integral in his career, calling it the single best thing that happened to him in terms of his leadership.
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Arianna Huffington --  President & Editor-in-Chief, Huffington Post Media Group
Advocates that health and happiness are strongly connected to the bottom line.  
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Steve Jobs --  Founder/Former CEO, Apple Corp.
Credited meditation for his legendary ability to tune out distractions.


Rupert Murdoch --  Chairman, News Corp.
Underscores that mindfulness offers him modern non-religious type of meditation to focus.  


Bob Shapiro --  Former CEO Monsanto
Experienced that people perhaps had come into mindfulness with some degree of skepticism yet found the experience useful.



Robert Stiller --  CEO, Green Mountain Coffee
Says that one can be much more effective, focus better and accomplish one’s tasks if one has a meditation practice.


Chade-Meng Tan --  Former Senior Engineer at Google, Head of Personal Growth
Initiated Google’s Emotional Intelligence program using mindfulness.
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Padmasree Warrior --  CTO, Cisco Systems


Google Corp 
Forbes Magazine article about Google's Mindfulness Program for its employees.


AOL & Huffington Post Media 

Read about classes offerend to employees


Harvard University

Read The Mindfulness Chronicles. Harvard Magazine


Oxford University
Visit the Oxford University Mindfulness Center





Joost Callen -- CEO Durabrik

Read inteview with Joost Callen / Durabrik


Ivo Mechels --  International Director Lobby & Press, Boardmember:  Test-Aankoop
Watch interview with Ivo Mechels


Wouter Torfs -- CEO Schoenen Torfs

Watch interview with Wouter Torfs


Mark Van der Voorde -- Finance Director K3 International

Read inteview with Mark Van de Voorde

 16 mins