Vitaliteits & Mindfulness Programma's

 Did you know...

esearch shows that the plasticity
of our mind & brain can
be increased through
exercise -- just like physical

exercise enhances bodily

suppleness -- giving us more
flexibility and control over
our lives both at work and at home.

Vitaliteits- & Mindfulness trainingen worden aan uw wensen aangepast.

Programma's voor INDIVIDUEEN  worden georganiseerd passend in uw persoonlijke agenda.

U kunt uiteraard ook u eigen kleine groep samenstellen met collega's of vrienden (maximaal 6 deelnemers).

Sommige programma's vinden wekelijks plaats en duren telkens 2-4 uren, andere bestaan uit intensieve eendaagse workshops (8 uren). 


TEAM programma's zijn volledig afgey tailored to the special needs and scheduling requirements of  the organization and the the group and are based on your briefing, they are conducted at your chosen location for your convenience.

For the Individual Professional

Reclaim a fulfilling work life without depleting 
personal resources, beat burn out, reduce stress, reclaim your edge and go home in a cheerful mood.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Burn out

Reduced Focus


Lack of concentration

Work-related stress

Work/Life imbalance

Problems at home

Fatigue / reduced energy

Are you starting to lose self-confidence; do you lose intense focus in crucial interactions?

Programs for individual professionals address these issues and more and help you return to your former, vital, enthusiastic self.

For You and Your Team

Support the health of your team and your bottom line.  Reduce stress in the office and create resilient teams that gladly give their best.

Is your team losing their edge?

Burn out

Reduced Focus


Lack of concentration

Reduced cooperation

No Job satisaction

Low performance from staff

Discord among workers

Is office productivity sliding? Do employees often take sick days?  Has your team lost inspiration?

Programs for your team address all these issues and help you build a team that is resilient, inspired, cooperative and connected.

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