Program:  Vitality Intensive

Kick-Start for a Vital Lifestyle & Organisation Culture

Establishing a new momentum for individuals, teams and the organisation.

This condensed program Impacts individual vitality and organisational conditions to really engage in vitalising habits.


It familiarizes decision-makers and their team members with the essentials of vitality management and empowers them with concrete stepping stones.

The principle of kick-starting a vital workstyle focuses on initiating and appreciating the synergy between 

personal vitality habits and a vital organisational culture




















To sustainably anchor insights and intentions developed during this Vitality Intensive choose

the progam Building My Vitality>> for teams and

the program Vitalising Our Organisation>> for collective measures.

This program has a high-energy agenda focusing fully on your success to kick-start vitality habits individually and collectively.


Build the foundation and motivation for vitality habits.

Address all 10 principles of vitality management.


Decision-makers crafting conditions for a vitalising culture.


Ideal for teams wanting to increase their energy level.

Apprehending the concept of vitality                    

Addressing individual and organisational aspects


Group setting


2,5 days concentrated


Chamber of Commerce reg. NL-27142151
VAT no. NL NL8016.44.823.B01

Resilient & Vigorous People are Vital to Organisations.  

      Such people can be relied upon to effectively create solutions -
      without depleting their energy in the face of a demanding day

      They know how to regain their focus and optimise their performance.     

Katharina Mullen - managing director BeVital