Science & Research in Mindfulness

Who is Practicing & Endorsing
Mindfulness Training?

Wouter Torfs -- CEO Schoenen Torfs
Watch interview with Wouter Torfs & Ivo Mechels


Mark Van der Voorde -- Finance Director K3 International

Read inteview with Mark Van de Voorde


Steve Jobs  --  Founder, former CEO, Apple Corp.


Ivo Mechels --  Boardmember:  Test-Aankoop
Watch interview with Wouter Torfs & Ivo Mechels


Joost Callen van Durabrik -- ?????

Read inteview with Joost Callen van Durabrik


Microsoft Corp


Google Corp 
Forbes Magazine article about Google's Mindfulness Prgram for its employees.


AOL & Huffington Post Media 

Read about classes offerend to employees


Harvard University

Read The Mindfulness Chronicles. Harvard Magazine


Oxford University
Visit the Oxford University Mindfulness Center


Larry Brilliant -- Former CEO Google

Mark Bertolini -- CEO Aetna

Rupert Murdoch --  Chairman, News Corp.

Nerio Alessandri -- CEO, Technogym

Bill Ford -- Chairman, Ford Motor Company

Padmasree Warrior -- CTO, Cisco Systems

Arianna Huffington -- President & Editor-in-Chief, Huffington Post Media Group

Bill George -- Boardmember: Exxon Mobil

& Goldman Sachs

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Resilient & Vigorous People are Vital to Organisations.  

      Such people can be relied upon to effectively create solutions -
      without depleting their energy in the face of a demanding day

      They know how to regain their focus and optimise their performance.     

Katharina Mullen - managing director BeVital