Make it a habit to.... Experience Serenity

SERENITY is the quality of quietude that we experience when connecting the stillness within.Accepting the bustle, commotion, hubbub, hurly-burly, turmoil, unrest – the frantic world.Like in the midst of a storm there is a space – the eye of the storm – so there is stillness inside of us. We can find that place when we pause, when we take refuge in silence, when we look at chaos with mildness.

Letting ourselves be taken hostage by the busy-ness that can be all around is to waste our energy, give up our freedom of choice and deplete our resources – mental, physical and emotional.It only takes a moment to liberate ourselves – pausing, breathing, embodying.

Then .... returning to our tasks – calm & composed.

Watch this video, follow the movement .... the current and observe what happens to you.

How about finding your specific energy boosters?

Make it a habit to pause and breathe to revitalize yourself.

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