How UK Parliament Explores Mindfulness Practice ?

November 14, 2015

Joined by the comedian Ruby Wax, now ambassador for the benefits of mindfulness, UK politicians explored the potential for mindfulness.



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PDF- the guardian_2014-05-07_UK Parliament Practicing Mindfulness Meditation



Politicians joined by Ruby Wax  as parliament pauses for meditation

MPs and peers sample mindfulness practice becoming popular across UK as means to overcome mental health problems 


Robert Booth - -  Wednesday 7 May 2014 20.14 BST 


Comedian Ruby Wax is the poster girl for the benefits of mindfulness to combat 

mental health issues. Photograph: Andy Hall 


Sceptical MPs have joked it is becoming "a cult in parliament", but 

mindfulness meditation stepped into the political mainstream on 

Wednesday when MPs and peers gathered at Westminster, closed their 

eyes and went silent for a minute. 


Joined by the comedian Ruby Wax, now the poster girl for the benefits of 

mindfulness to overcome mental health problems, politicians including 

former ministers Lord Haworth and Jim Fitzpatrick straightened their 

spines and focused on their breath at the launch of an all party group to 

explore the potential for mindfulness in health, education, criminal justice. 


"Connect with the breath, wherever it feels most strong," intoned the 

meditation. "For the full duration of the in-breath and the full duration of the 



It was just a taste of what 95 MPs, peers and parliament staff have already 

experienced on mindfulness meditation courses inside parliament. The 

practice – based on Buddhist meditation but updated for secular users – is 

catching on across a stressed-out Britain. 


Mental health problems are estimated to affect one in four and academic 

studies claim mindfulness can affect a 20% reduction in symptoms of 

anxiety and depression. If practiced regularly, proponents report it 


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