How to be aware of distraction from vital and mindful living?

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination',

as John Lennon put it.

Sounds like British humour as well as making a good point.

Reality, we might think, leaves nothing to the imagination as it is pure fact.

The human mind, however, does not deal well in pure fact and is always making things up and playing tricks on us. We are pattern-seeking beings and are always 'connecting the dots' between pieces of knowledge, usually without knowing our doing so. It is to this aspect of 'making things up' that Lennon alludes.

The surrealist artists made good use of this habit of the mind to create mind-boggling artworks. The aim being to resolve the contradictory traits of reality and inter-pretation. In fact, by featuring elements of surprise and unexpected juxtapositions, they assist us in awakening to reality as we can sense it ....

So, let’s be aware when imagination might carry us away.

Vital & mindful living are firmly grounded in the actual experience through our senses.

No belief, no theory can ever win from genuine sensory experience. The ultimate persuasion rests in one's own clear consciousness.

Coming to our senses - in the literal and figurative sense.

Vital living - may you be aware of distractions.

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