How to Process Ambiguous Events ?

To make sense of life and our experiences we tell ourselves stories:

processing the ambiguous and complex events that unfold around us every day.

This ‘interpretation ability’ is helpful and genuinely human.

Yet, all our stories are colored by our mood – and maybe the season.

Unfortunately, our stories have a downside if we are not aware of what we make up and if we get caught up in ruminating. When we start tossing around a series of interpretations and scenarios of what could have been or even should have been – then the story creation costs us tons of energy. This disconnects us from reality and from our painstaking lack of control over your circumstances.

Most importantly, it keeps us from nurturing confidence, self-acceptance and authenticity and therefore personal freedom.

So, choose a vitalizing story to make sense of what happens: find the basic good in everything, question the truth of your story, reverse the story to make yourself laugh. That’s how we create the meaning of life.

May you be aware and mindful of how stories affect your vitality.

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