How to embrace stress for the better?

Stress is a complex reaction of the body and the mind that occurs when we ignore early warning signals.

The body has wonderful signaling possibilities to draw our attention to even the onset of malfunctioning: unease, pain, muscle tension, sore, ache…

Other sign posts are our emotions: sorrow, grief, anguish, anger, discomfort, unease, impatience …

Yet, if we are too distracted by ‘important things and people’ we might not be aware of those clear signals and ignore them.

What are your early warning signals?

Become aware of your specific pointers and “listen when those bells ring”.

Just taking a moment to acknowledge, to stretch, to breathe, to pause can aid to switch off the automatic domino effect of ignoring what matters to you to stay vital and mindful.

Be aware of your specific early warning signals and crack the automatic pattern.

May you live with ease.

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