Mindful Leadership | Residential Program: December 2017


How to develop the quality of your presence and compassion

- offering vitalising leadership to your team.


You have been in a management role with leadership responsibility for some time?

You aspire to enhance your leadership style?

Bringing more focus and resilience to your thinking and acting ?

Reducing the stress your role can imply?

Then this program is for you.

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Meet like-minded leaders and commit to respond to your challenges with less stress: • maintain a positive mindset in your teams • develop your focus, memory and creativity • become more sensitive yet less emotionally reactive

• inspire and develop talents.


This program is based on a scientifically proven approach. In corporate environments mindfulness has been shown to contribute to:

• greater serenity • increased creativity • better decision making ability • development of collaborative work.


You will be guided in developing skills that bring mindfulness to your leadership, e.g.

• taking a distance from the day-to-day immersion into problem-solving • learning additional ways of dealing with ambiguity and stress, • facing volatility and fragmentation of time and attention, • enhancing your ability to lead from within.


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A variety of experiences will support you to build habit for mindful leadership, e.g. peer exchange, silent practice, individual reflection, group discussion.

This training creates the context to disconnect from your day-to-day complexity and reconnect with the essence of leadership in an environment that supports relaxation and reflection. Immerse yourself in a learning environment during this off-site training of two sessions dedicated only to foster Mindful Leadership in a small group that shares this common purpose.


This program will be co-facilitated by Marjan Abadie and Katharina Mullen.

Linkedin >> Katharina Mullen LinkedIn >> Marjan Abadie

Marjan and Katharina are corporate trainers in mindfulness and vitality. Both have several decades of experience in leadership positions in the corporate and/or academic world.

BNP Paribas Fortis, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Adecco/ 3W, Syngenta Crop Protection AG, EC Europe Agri, Bayer, IBM, Abbvie, RTL, Hogan Lovelles, BeTv and SPRB are some of their corporate references.



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