SILENCE DAY | Mindful Walking | Walk With Us on October 29, 2017


"SILENCE DAY - Mindful Walking on October 29, 2017" is a cooperation between

Marjan Abadie, Institut-Mindfulness and Katharina Mullen,

MindfulWalking - 29/10/2017 @ 10am - Brussels Parc du Cinquantenaire YouTube>>

On a typical day we are walking to arrive somewhere.

Often moving with a busy mind, maybe even stressing our mind and body.

What about being mindful of our environment?

Walking in a mindful way is possible everywhere.

It's a great way to calm the chatter in our mind.

We then feel more present and connected.

We invite you to practice together on October 29th.


Sunday 29th 2017 is the day when we switch to daylight saving time.

The day chosen to honour the benefits of silence >>

An extra hour on our chronological clock.

Let’s use it to practice mindful walking.

Remembering that we can practice mindfulness in any body posture.

Bringing mindfulness to your movement takes you anywhere during any typical day.

Calm, composed, connected to your purpose and to the people you are with.


You are welcome to participate and to bring your friends and neighbours.

All are welcome to honour silence, while walking together in a mindful way.

WALK with us

Marjan Abadie and Katharina Mullen invite you to walk together on 29 October.

Register for Free here >>


Parc du Cinquantenaire, 1000 Bruxelles.

Meeting point: entrance of Museum AUTOWORLD at 10:00 am.

Linkedin >> Katharina Mullen LinkedIn >> Marjan Abadie

Katharina and Marjan are corporate trainers in mindfulness and vitality. Both are practicing mindfulness for many years. Professionally they have several decades of experience in leadership positions in the corporate and academic world.

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