Vitality & Mindfulness Training Programs

For You and Your Team

For You and Your Team


Support the health of your team and your bottom line.  Reduce stress in the office and create resilient teams that gladly give their best.

Team programs are completely tailored to

the special needs and scheduling requirements of

the organization and the group and based on your briefing.

They are conducted at your chosen location for your convenience.

To meet with us and discuss how we may be of service,

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Is your team losing their edge?

Burn out

Reduced Focus


Lack of concentration

Reduced cooperation

No Job satisaction

Low performance from staff

Discord among workers

Is office productivity sliding? Do employees often take sick days?  Has your team lost inspiration?

  Our Vital Enterprise®    more >>

This program focuses on enabling the people in your team to engage their energy, motivation and talent and to make commited contributions more productively; it builds resiliance and it enhances job satisfaction.    


  Mind the GAP    more >>

This program enhances emotional intelligence and creativity in order to free up mental energy to increase tem innovation and enhance inspired collaboration.    


  Mind - Fitness @ Work  more >>

Mindfulness training and mind-fitness tailored to the needs of busy managers and professionals, this program optimizes key performance factos and job satisfaction.    


  Dialogue for Sustainable Transitions   

Designed to take your team from divisive discussions to dialogues that connect, this program teaches teams to co-create effective exchanges and make transitions that are necessary for the health of your business.  more >> 


  Vitalizing Leadership    more >> 

Adopt leadership skills that vitalize you and others and eliminate exhausting habits to create conditions that inspire you to perform well as a prefessional and a person.


  Convincing - Negotiating - Dealing with Resistence   

Focusing on professional teams whose success depends on persuasive communication. How to get consent when you meet resistance. Tailor-made versions available, specifically e.g. for lawyers and legal advisors, accountants, medical and paramedical specialists, IT-project managers, sales professionals and team managers.    more >> 

Programs for your team address all these issues and help you build a team that is resilient, inspired, cooperative and connected.

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