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Mindfulness Training 

January 2019 - February 2019

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  Rhythm

8 Weekly's & continuous practice

1,5 hours (over lunch hour)


January 08, 15, 22, 29

February 05, 12, 19, 26

Tuesdays 12:15 pm - 1:45 pm

adjacent: time for individual requests.

Culliganlaan 2/C, 1831 Machelen.

WhatsApp group to be created for audio's & other resources.  

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Weekly assignment 2019-0205 




LINGER - and observe Pleasant Experiences

Observe instants where you stop in your tracks and become attentive to something that gives you pleasure. 

Something you …

SEE, HEAR, SMELL, TASTE, TOUCH … or any combination of sensing experiences. Prolong the sensing by actively lingering and noticing what emerges   ....  download guidance and observation instruction

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WHY Mindfulness?

WHAT is changing?

WHEN & HOW do I feel any effects?

Audi: THoM2-20190129

Visuals can be downloaded here

Mindfulness: APPs



More suggestions:

Here are some mobile and desktop apps you might find helpful in supporting your energy of mindfulness throughout the day:

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Questions or special requests?

Thanks! Message sent.

Experienced effects - halfway through the training (comparable group)

Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire


What is your degree of mindful living and working?  

It fluctuates?

Yes, probably - just like your blood pressure varies.



Here is a short questionnaire

to score how you experience

your degree of mindfulness.

 ....  more


Mindfulness: Objectives - Content - Benefits

November 2018 start of Mindfulness training, basic to Mind-Fitness.


Quanteus Group, especially of The House of Marketing, has recognized people’s need and desire to strengthen their ability to cope with experiences due to performance pressure and volatility in their market. 

The culture of Quanteus and especially the leadership is highly sensitive to people’s needs   ....  read more

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  1. Choose your posture. 

  2. Recognize that my words are merely guides to things you inherently know. 

  3. Explore your motivation and your breath.  

  4. Allow your breath to be as it is. 

  5. Allow your attention to be as it is. 

  6. Rest in awareness. 

  7. Observe your wandering mind. 

  8. Note when your mind has wandered. 

  9. Allow yourself to be aware of the breath again. 

  10. Ride the waves of the breath. 

  11. Embrace this act of loving-kindness. 

  12. Be awake with no agenda other than to be awake. 

  13. Allow each in-breath to be utterly fresh, a new beginning. 

  14. Embrace each breath in this moment. 


©Dandelion abstract by artist Julia Delgado

Wishing you optimum breathing space 

& clarity

Download this special holiday gift ...

instructions &


Breathscape Practice: a 20-minute meditation from

Jon Kabat-Zinn to allow you to tap into your capacity to be

in touch with your experience.

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footprint-sand-500 grounding landing fee


attention focus on Feet - then on Breathing


use audio published in WA group "Landing"


Embodiment: attention focus experiencing all 5 senses.

use audio published in WA group

THoM2 20190125 Sensing "Raisin" 



attention focus 


the body


use audio published in WA group

THoM2 20190122 BodyScan

version #1

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Wired - Rewired?

How habits change:

Example The Backward Brain Bicycle

12 Tips ... to get  you started

Start practicing using some simple techniques and grow a habit of calming your busy mind and relaxing for more clarity and stability of your attention.  download as reminder:

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download ...

read more on STAR ...

use audio published in WA group 

THoM2 Landing practice STAR

STOP ... and pay Attention

Grow a habit of calming your busy mind and relaxing yourself for more clarity and stability of your attention.  download reminder & explanation: