Program:  Vitality Intensive

A Kick-Start for a Vital Lifestyle & Organisation Culture


Establishing a new momentum for individuals, teams and the organization.

This condensed program Impacts individual vitality and organizational conditions to really engage in vitalizing habits.


It familiarizes decision-makers and their team members with the essentials of vitality management and empowers them with concrete stepping stones.

The principle of kick-starting a vital workstyle focuses on initiating and appreciating the synergy between 

personal vitality habits and a vital organizational culture





















This program has a high-energy agenda focusing fully on your success to kick-start vitality habits individually and collectively.


Build the foundation and motivation for vitality habits.

Address all 10 principles of vitality management.


Decision-makers crafting conditions for a vitalizing culture.


Ideal for teams wanting to increase their energy level.

Apprehending the concept of vitality                    

Addressing individual and organisational aspects


Group setting - decision-makers across teams.


2,5 days -- this is a concentrated program