Program:  Vitalizing Our Organization

A Vital Organization Supports the Vitality Habits of its People 

Creating vitalizing conditions at the organizational level is key...

Enhance how your culture and structure create catalysts for optimum performance: concisely apply 

the foundations for a vitalizing culture.


Organizational measures stimulate individuals and teams to take up and share responsibility for each other's 

vitality and for a vital organization.

The principle of a vital culture focuses upon 
the vitality of both its people and the organization. 




















This program can be conducted in parallel with the program Building my Vitality >>   


The two programs enhance each other and create the conditions that support individuals who take responsibility for optimizing their energy levels. 

This program is an essential building block for decision-makers establishing accountability for vitality.


Build a culture where personal vitality habits are supported and stimulated.


Decision-makers crafting conditions for a vitalizing culture.


Designing and implementing the organisational aspects of a vitalizing culture.


Group setting - decision-makers.


Basis:   four 2-hour trainings and guidance for implemenation upon request.